CCTV Image Magazine
CCTV Image was first produced as the “Official Magazine of the CCTV User Group” in February 2003 and has gone from strength to strength in those ten years, becoming the pre-eminent magazine for the CCTV User Group members and its wider distribution to all those who have an interest in Public Area CCTV.

Every issue of CCTV Image features in-depth interviews with members of the User Group, all of whom are operating at the coal face in a cutting edge industry. Dealing with a unique blend of technology, manpower and managerial issues, the managers and operators of these systems must address a range of social problems including crime and disorder.

Every feature is thoroughly researched and often includes a site visit to enable us to develop an unrivalled understanding of the industry from the ground up.

Key Facts

  • CCTV Image is the only magazine that represents the CCTV User Group in the UK. Members of the CCTV User Group are responsible for an estimated 85% of public area CCTV in the UK.
  • Strong and genuine end user title unlike others that claim to be end user focussed that have mixed trade/end user readership.
  • The CCTV User Group represents over 500 local authority CCTV schemes across the UK.
  • The magazine circulation has been increased to 7500 recipients incorporating security professionals from Retail, Healthcare, Education, Public Area’s, Government, Military and Police.

The CCTV User Group
The CCTV User Group was formed in August 1996 by consultants Optimum Risk Management in response to a dire need, in the absence then of any legislation relating to Public Area CCTV, to develop standards that CCTV managers could adhere to. It was also intended to provide some protection to them in terms of widely used  ‘Best Practice’ if their procedures were ever challenged.

Peter Fry took over the management of the Group in January 2000. The core membership of the Group has always been the Public Area CCTV Managers, and in particular Local Authorities, which accounts for about 50% of the total User Group Membership. However we also have many CCTV Managers from Housing Associations, Police Forces, Universities, Hospitals, Commercial Organisations, Transport, etc.

The CCTV User Group has a strong membership of companies providing services to CCTV Managers, comprising Training Companies, Consultants, Operator Providers and CCTV Equipment Suppliers, Manufacturers and Installers who contribute much to the organisation, and benefit greatly from interacting with the Managers.

In addition to CCTV Image magazine, the CCTV User Group provides a yearly conference with internationally renowned speakers.

Currently the User Group is represented on the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s Advisory Council and his Surveillance Camera Standards Group, advising on the future direction and development of the recently published Surveillance Camera Code of Practice.